Benefits of Bottleless


Atlantic Pure Water coolers provide water that is balanced at the perfect pH. A higher pH means more oxygen and more of the key minerals that your body needs to run properly. Our alkaline water can help keep you healthy and hydrated.


Save green in more ways than one with our bottleless water coolers. Going bottleless limits the amount of carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere while reducing the usage of plastic bottles. Help save the planet one sip at a time.


Our water goes through a 9-step filtering process, including reverse osmosis, to bring you the purest water on the market. When you drink from our coolers you can rest assured that you’re drinking water that is free of harmful metals, bacteria and chemicals.


Once purified, water from an Atlantic Pure Water Cooler is stored in a holding tank that is sealed off to air-borne bacteria and viruses so that you always have clean water on tap.


When you install one of our coolers, you have unlimited, on-demand pure water at the touch of a button. Employees will simply refill a reusable bottle of their choice as often as they like. No more running out of paper cups, water bottles, or water! Not to mention, our coolers have sensors that detect leaks and regulate flow to cut your costs on water, too!


Replacing sugary, carbonated drinks in the workplace with a sparkling water cooler from Atlantic Pure Water can boost employee health, focus, and productivity.

Hot & Cold

Customize your drinking experience with just one dispenser. Each of our purification systems have touch sensors that allow you choose hot or cold water so that no matter what mood you’re in, you will always have options.


Our single source system takes the complexity out of having multiple sources for water and ice. Using combined technology, you’ll get pure water and the capability to make ice all bottled up in one, convenient design.