Water Dispensers in Rhode Island

Go Touchless with

Atlantic Pure Water

Our touch-free bottleless water cooler helps minimize the spread of germs in the office and makes it easy for everyone to enjoy fresh, clean water without touching any buttons.


Local Serving Local

At Atlantic Pure Water, we pride ourselves on the premier level of service we provide all of our customers.  We understand that while the quality of your employee drinking water is of the upmost importance, it’s the LAST thing you want to be bothered with. If you’re experiencing issues with your current provider, give us a call today. As a locally owned and operated family establishment, we’d love an opportunity to earn your business. 

Eco Friendly

Our water systems completely eliminate plastic bottles and cut down total waste.

Crisp & Refreshing

Ultra-high hygiene standards and cool refreshing water dispensed in every cup.

Customized Solutions

We offer both ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis systems to ensure the highest quality drinking water.

Balanced PH Levels

Atlantic Pure Water coolers provide water that is balanced at the perfect PH.

Think about it...

Water Filtration Systems Are Superior!

  • Ditch the bottles! Never lift or store a 5-gallon jug again when you go bottleless with Atlantic Pure Water
  • Unlimited supply of pure and refreshing drinking water
  • Go Green! No more plastic waste or CO2 emissions from delivery and bottle production
  • Local serving local! Get unparalleled service from a local family owned business
  • COVID Secure! Gain access to the worlds first COVID secure water cooler
  • Touchless options!  Minimize the spread of germs by adopting a touchless water cooler for your employees